FAQs about Tala Tiba

What is Tala Tiba?
Tala Tiba is hospitalisation insurance providing cash-back on hospitalisations for three (3) or more consecutive nights for any reason, including COVID-19. Tala Tiba members will receive a nightly cash-back benefit from the third night onward for hospitalisations; hospitalisations are subject to a maximum of 30 days per policy year. Hospitalisations can be at any NHIF-registered hospital in Kenya.

Who is Turaco and are they associated with Tala?
Turaco is a valued partner of Tala providing and administering insurance coverage to Tala customers. Turaco is an insurance agent of Prudential Life Assurance Kenya - a trusted insurance company.

How does Tala Tiba work?
Register and pay KSH 450 upfront for 12-months of cover. Once payment is made your insurance is active and you can enjoy benefits and claim on hospitalisations of 3 or more consecutive nights. PayBill Number 800730

How do I qualify for Tala Tiba?
Any resident in Kenya aged 18-65 and Tala customer is eligible to purchase Tala Tiba.

Is it really only KSH 450 for 12 months? Are there any additional fees?
Tala Tiba costs only KSH 450 for 12 months of cover. There are no additional costs.

How do I know I have been registered successfully for Tala Tiba insurance?
Upon registration and payment of Tala Tiba, you will receive confirmation SMS from Tala. Within 1 working day of payment, a Turaco insurance expert will call you to discuss your cover and answer any questions you have.

How do I know if my insurance coverage is still active?
Your insurance is active once your annual premium is paid. Feel free to contact Turaco at any time to see if your cover is active.

How do I claim?
Contact Turaco within one month of the incident and an agent will assist you with the necessary documentation.

How long does it take to get my claim paid?
Turaco pays all claims within 3 working days of receiving full documentation.

How do I receive my claim?
The money will be sent to your MPESA or Airtel Money.

How many times can I claim?
Tala Tiba allows you to claim up to a maximum of 30 days of hospitalisations in a policy year.

What if I am too ill to notify Turaco of my claim?
That’s okay! A family member or friend can notify Turaco of the incident. We may need to reach you for verification of your hospitalisation.

Can I add my family to the Tala Tiba cover?
Yes, family members aged 18-65 can be added to Tala Tiba. Family members include parents, spouse, and biological and/or legally adopted children. For each family member you would like to insure please pay KSH 450 to Mpesa Till XX

What hospitals can I go to for Tala Tiba?
You may seek treatment at any NHIF-registered hospital.

What if I can’t afford hospital bills at the time I am hospitalised, can I qualify for cash upfront?
Tala Tiba does not provide cash upfront to members. You must first clear your medical bills and file a claim with Turaco. Once approved Turaco will pay your claim within 3 days.

Will I receive a Tala Tiba Insurance card?
No, there is no Tala Tiba card. All you have to do is register and pay for insurance with Tala. Once you register, you will receive confirmation from Tala and an insurance expert from our partner, Turaco, will call you to discuss your cover with you. We advise you not to disclose to the hospital that you have Tala Tiba insurance to ensure they don’t inflate your medical bills.

How will my Personal Data be managed?
All customer information collected will be held securely by Turaco. Turaco may share customer data with third parties for the purposes of policy administration and communications directly related to the policy administration. By signing unto this product, you consent to sharing information with Turaco for the purposes of improvement of this product and the service delivered to you.

What are Turaco Working Hours?
You can contact us at Turaco anytime Monday-Friday between 9AM-5PM, except on public holidays. Email us at kenya@myturaco.

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