Anong mangyayari kapag hindi ako nakapagbayad sa itinakdang petsa?




  • Michael Ente

    Naka pag register at nakapag install ako sa android phone ko. . kaso nawala na ang phone na un at nag palit ako ng unit di ako makapag loan dahil hinahanap ung lumang phone ko.

  • Friztchie Epong

    Hey,,, Im really worried I lost the sim card I use to register and my loan is due on MArch 1st I need to pay it now.  but I when I go to the  app it will ask me to get the info reference to pay on the number that was registered.  What can I do to resolve this issue? Please help.  I need an immediate answer please.

  • Frinkz Japitana Barredo

    Hi, Tala 

    I had a medical issue been hospitalized so my loan due 

    i've email the support team for assistance but no respond on them 

    thank you 

  • Maximo Dalmacia Jrt

    hi tala  can you pls help to open my tala account


  • Maximo Dalmacia Jrt

    i need to pay it now but how can i open my tala account

  • beverly grace batuhinay

    How to pay now please give my code

  • beverly grace batuhinay

    How to pay please give my code  i pay seven eleven please thank you how

  • beverly grace batuhinay

    How to pay now please give my code..please help i pay now my schedule now

  • beverly grace batuhinay

    I pay in seven eleven how can i pay with out my code please help i pay now

  • beverly grace batuhinay

    Please how can i open my account please help i pay my payment in seven eleven now what is my account or code number thank you

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